JR is a cinematographer and filmmaker regularly creating cinematic content with Tribe Media House and ShadowPaw Pictures. Raised in the PNW, she has a deep-rooted relationship with the vast forests, history and rain of the region that reveals itself in the styling and details of her cinematic work. Yet an appetite for adventurous filmmaking frequently sends her on journeys abroad for documentary projects ranging in focus from AI to animal rescue.
JR is a filmmaker dedicated to using cinema to make a positive impact. Two of her short films, "This Is a Girl" and "Fantasy" took third and second place at Girls Impact the World Film Festival (2014, 2017). Her Robert D. Clark Honors College thesis film "Entangled," that strives to make complex science more accessible to a lay audience, took home the University Film Judge's Award and Robert D. Clark Thesis Award in 2017.
JR's background in painting and her Czech film education at FAMU have guided a growing understanding of visual theory that she utilizes in cinematography. Her style strives to be fluid, but distinct. Adobe has recognized her artwork; her painting "Face to Face" reached the final round of the 2018 BORNS "We Don't Care" competition. Verizon has utilized her photos in a doc-story.
JR graduated summa cum laude from the University of Oregon and Robert D. Clark Honors College with a B.S. in Applied Physics and a Certificate in Film Studies. A semester spent at FAMU in Prague, CZ, imparted an alternative perspective to Hollywood paradigms on film theory and construction.
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