I am a video creator and filmmaker who thrives on being involved in all aspects of the creative and technical processes that make pictures move. Combined practice as a cinematographer and editor over the years have strengthened my ability to guide a project through the cinematic hurdles required to give it a heartbeat and personality.
The art of filmmaking is an easy one to fall in love with. In seventh grade after swim practice, I watched a camera operator on the Discovery Channel jump into the ocean from a crew boat as fast as he could in a scuba suit and with a camera as big as his body. In moments, a one-hundred-foot blue whale appeared from the depths, racing towards him. He had mere seconds to film the alien creature before scrambling back to the boat, or risk becoming a whale snack. The crew boat chased the racing blue whale, repeating the brief filming process again and again. I WAS HOOKED. From seventh grade, I was hellbent on becoming an underwater cinematographer. Life has so far led in other land-based directions, but witnessing that cam op's firsthand experience with a dangerous force of magic sent me down the path of filmmaking.
I am eager to enter unknown worlds, physical or fantasy. I am eager to work with fellow creatives to bring visions to life in ways much larger and better than I ever could by myself. I am eager to use this special art form to spark joy, catharsis and curiosity. But above all, I want to build bridges of empathy between viewer and subject with an intensity only cinema can ignite.

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have a deep-rooted relationship with the vast forests, furry spirits, and rain of the region that reveals itself in the styling and details of my personal work. My early background in painting and semester of Czech film education at FAMU have guided my growing understanding of visual theory that I employ in cinematography. I edge towards imagery that is rich in color, and shaded emotionally with light.
Early student films "This Is a Girl" and "Fantasy" took third and second place at Girls Impact the World Film Festival (2014, 2017). 
Robert D. Clark Honors College thesis film "Entangled," that strives to make complex science more accessible to a lay audience, took home the University Film Judge's Award and Robert D. Clark Thesis Award in 2017. 
Painting "Face to Face" reached the final round of the 2018 Adobe BORNS "We Don't Care" competition.
I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Oregon and Robert D. Clark Honors College with a B.S. in Applied Physics and a Certificate in Film Studies. A semester spent at FAMU in Prague, CZ, imparted an alternative perspective to Hollywood paradigms on film theory and construction.
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