Right after graduating school in 2017, I was determined to start making movies IMMEDIATELY. Thus, I corralled my friend and family favors and made two terrible, nonsensical short films. Yet they are dear to my heart for all of the support and special humans who believed in me enough to help on these projects. (Pretty Please cut them some slack.) I fully recognize their storytelling flaws and hope I've grown tremendously as a storyteller since writing/directing/editing these films.
"Her Flesh is Mine" was intended to be a 3 part short film series that was never completed. In 2017, I wrote that "The project’s name, "Her Flesh Is Mine," refers to the thematic ties between three short films centered around the question: How does female physicality impact female psychology? In other words, how do the bodies we live in determine how we perceive ourselves and shape our relationships with others? These dark stories with a fantasy-flare ultimately explore different manifestations of guilt from a female perspective. Shot on a shoe-string budget with 8 principle photography hours for each film in Eugene, OR, late 2017. "
A ShadowPaw Picture Created by Jordyn Roach | Starring Nicole Trobaugh | Delyn & Keziah Wall Allesondra Helwig Kendra Northam (angel body-double) Joey Hungerford | DP: EJ Olson Production Designer & Costume Supervisor: Kendra Northam | Casting Director: Nicole Trobaugh | Grip & Gaffer: Anthony Reyes | Sound Recordist: Tim Kahn | Key MUAH: Summer Anj AD & Production Assistant: Joey Hungerford | Party Set Art: Joey Edwards Blood Master: Skylar Roach Crafty: Adrian Knorr | Extras: Adrian Knorr Kendra Northam Skylar Roach Luke Currey Joey Edwards Anna Presmyk Paul Devencenzi Camille Haakanson | Shot on Canon C200 in Eugene, Oregon, December 2017.

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