The project’s name, "Her Flesh Is Mine," refers to the thematic ties between three short films centered around the question: How does female physicality impact female psychology? In other words, how do the bodies we live in determine how we perceive ourselves and shape our relationships with others? These dark stories with a fantasy-flare ultimately explore different manifestations of guilt from a female perspective. Shot on a shoe-string budget with 8 principle photography hours for each film in Eugene, OR, late 2017.
Written, Produced and Directed by Jordyn Roach.

An 101-year-old expatriate German, Hilda, lives out her days peacefully in the home of her Jewish-American granddaughter. But Hilda has a dark secret. Her need to confess drives her to reveal her past self to her great granddaughter in the form of a brutal bedtime fairy tale. Can she be forgiven?
A loose experimental and conceptual short film. On her way to a costume party dressed as an angel, Alice comes across a fresh car wreck. Despite not knowing if the situation is dangerous, or if she could save a life, she chooses to avoid the problem and keep driving to the party. Will she withstand the guilt of non-action, or will her vision of herself change by the end of the night?

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