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IMPROVEMENTS by Emily Gregory
Release: TBD (Currently Submitting to Film Festivals)
Alice learned from her Dad.
The first rule of renovation is to start small:
Pick one room and move out from there.
Make lists. Check them off. Begin again.


Writer: Emily Gregory
Director: Erica Terpening-Romeo
Actor: Julia Morizawa
Director of Photography: Jordyn Roach
Editor: Jordyn Roach
AD: Jason Rouse
Production Design: Alex Meyer
Costume Design: Miriam Talus
Sound Recordist: Betty Alcaraz
Make-up/Hair: Linda Wong Muah
Production Design Assistant: Olivia Vavroch
Composition: Jake Hull
Colorist: Todd Bush: 2 and 20 Post
Producer/PM: Jen Rowe

Space Partner: Sean Burgee: Clinton District

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